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“Liz converted my sunroom office into a guest room and my former guest room into my office.

Originally my sunroom was jam packed because it's in a section of my condo I don't often use. Out of sight out of mind; it became a catch all for books and odds and ends. In 4 hours, Liz downsized my books from 2 bookcases to 1 and emptied every drawer of my desk then reorganized the remaining stuff to only a few drawers. She also got me to purge a ton of things I don't use like old papers and craft supplies. By swapping the office and guest room, I'm more likely to use my desk since it is now in a room I walk by every day. On top of all that, Liz advertised some furniture to sell that I just didn't need anymore, and just an hour after she left I had an additional $100! I'm excited to make even more money off the other items and use it to bring her back to organize my closet!" 

— Jen, from Newton, MA

"Liz visited my home to get my 3 and 1 year old boys' play room organized. Prior to Liz it was random bins filled with random toys, art work sitting in piles and just a mess.

Things were so disorganized that everything would just get shoveled together when we picked up because nothing had a place, which meant when he knew da came back to play everything got dumped looking for the pieces.

Liz created cute picture signs for the different types of toys my boys had and labeled the bins. She also helped get everything sorted. She created different places and stations around the room. Now even though the room stills gets messy, the kids are now able to help me pick up their own mess.

— Meaghan, from Marlborough, MA